CWB – Welder Qualification Testing

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CWB - Welder Qualification Testing:

The Western Quebec Career Centre provides welders with the opportunity to take the CSA W47.1 welder qualification tests.
We are offering SMAW, FCAW, GMAW and GTAW with all positions. 

Unlike other standards in the world, Canada has a unique system that involves a 3rd party certification that is carried out by the CWB. An organization certified by the CWB will have qualified welders, accepted welding procedures and accepted supervisory / engineering personnel. All elements of the welding operation are independently verified by the Canadian Welding Bureau on an on-going basis. 

*A minimum of 10 tests must be met to run an examination day. We reserve the right to postpone the examination day if the minimum number is not met.

*In order to be successful, Welders who register for a welding test MUST provide their own PPE and welding hand tools. 
*Welding machines, consumables and test material will be provided by the welding facility. 

The Cost:

170 $ per test plate

*There are no refunds if a candidate is absent for the examination on the set date. 

*Payments must be made in person at the Western Quebec Career Centre ( Front Office ) a minimum of one week prior to the testing event.

The Certification:

All welders working for a certified company must be qualified by the CWB at least once every two years. This is a practical test administered by the CWB representative that would normally take place at ACCREDITED TESTING CENTRES. The practical test ensures that the welder is competent to weld in the given process and position that is tested.
The CWB process and certification provides an added level of confidence and assurance that the documentation, weld quality and knowledge level of fabricators is independently verified against the requirements of the standards, and thereby minimizes liability and public safety risks.

Upcoming CWB Test Dates:

Fall Session Testing Date: (Please call or email for information)

Winter Session Testing Date: (Please call or email for information)

Spring Session Testing Date: (Please call or email for information)

Summer Session Testing Date: (Please call or email for information)

Contact Information:

Nick Aubin


Phone: 819-684-1770 Ext: 606415

Location: Western Quebec Career Centre, 100 Frank Robinson Road, Gatineau, QC. J9H 4A6

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Our state of the art welding facility will provide you with an environment conducive to learning and evaluation. Our staff, instructors and inspectors are professional and attentive when working with candidates completing testing.